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Garage Door Repair and Installation, Altanta, GA

Garage Door is one of the heaviest moving objects in homes. Apart from keeping your car and other possessions safe, it enhances the curb appeal of the house. A door goes up and down more than a thousand times in a year, so you need to be sure that it is functioning properly and doesn't stop working at an odd time of the day.

At Atlanta Garage Door Repair Services, we strive hard to provide prompt and efficient garage door repair, inspection, maintenance and installation services to clients in and around the Greater Atlanta region. Working on a simple philosophy, we buy products from reputable manufacturers, maintain a huge inventory and hire people with experience in repairing garage doors of all the top brands. By combining technical expertise with quality products, Atlanta Garage Door Repair Services ensures 100% customer satisfaction.

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Call Us Now: (404) 800-3718

24/7 Garage Door Services we provide in Atlanta, GA:

Bent Panel Repair and Replacement in Atlanta, GA

Did you run into your old stainless steel garage door and left a big dent in it? Or you just need a paint less dent removal off of your garage door then give us a call at (404) 800-3718. Our technicians carry all necessary repair equipment on their service trucks. Most of the door manufacturers discontinue particular type of door and replacement panels after 15 years of introduction so that end consumers are forced to buy new doors rather than getting panels replaced on old doors. Although some doors are so expensive its sometimes not worth to replace the entire expensive old door, in such cases its recommended to get the panels repaired for minor dents. It is relatively easier to dent out stainless steel doors.

Also it is worth noting the fact that instead of getting 3 or more panels repaired for any dents, it is cheaper to get whole new door installed unless and until you really love your old door. Due to manufacturer retiring a particular make and model of door, replacement panels can be really hard to find. So if you have badly damaged 3 or more panels on your garage door and if it is more than 10 years old then getting the old door replaced altogether would be a cheaper bet.

Opener Repair, Maintenance and Replacement in Atlanta, GA

Atlanta Garage Door Repair Services offers a wide range of openers from leading brands such as Guardian, Genie and LiftMaster. Our technicians carry products from most of these brands on their service truck and after opener inspection based on your requirement, they suggest repair, maintenance or replacement. Our technicians will give you a heads up call half-an-hour prior to arriving at your doorstep. Service request or maintenance request for opener from a particular brand, be it Guardian, Genie or Liftmaster, can be made on that call.

Our team of technicians is well trained in Liftmaster opener repair, Guardian opener repair, opener maintenance and opener replacement in Atlanta, GA. After the warranty on your garage door and related products is over, you need the services of experienced technicians to fix minor as well as major problems. These technicians can also give you tips for maintenance after installation or repair. For example, you need to know the frequency of applying lubricants to ensure smooth functioning and longevity of garage door openers.

If your garage opener is making lots of noise or door opener is moving but door won't open then the opener definitely needs an inspection. Internal opener parts when worn out seem to be trying to open door but since they are worn out nothing happens and door won't open. Our technicians have over 20 years of experience and there no opener related issue which they have not encountered. Just by looking at opener in action they could tell you exact reason of concern and can quote you a price down to penny to fix the issue.

If you are using an old operator which makes noise then chances are that you are using a chain drive motor. Chain drive motors need timely lubrication for smooth functioning without any noise. Or you can opt to replace the chain drive motor to all new ultra quiet belt drive motors available from Guardian or Liftmaster. All the motors that we install comes with lifetime warranty so if you get one installed from us then you will never have to worry about the motor.

Garage Spring Repair and Replacement in Atlanta, GA

Atlanta Garage Door Repair Services offers great discounts and prompt emergency service for garage door spring repair and replacement in and around the Atlanta area. You call us, we tell you the next available timeslots for technicians, you confirm the preferred time and that's it; you are all set. Technician will be on their way at an agreed time and will call you half an hour before reaching. Any special requests for brands or type of springs can be made directly to the technician or on the booking call.

Our technicians carry garage door springs from all the leading brands, such as Blue Hawk and Genie, on their service truck. They inspect the problem, whether spring needs replacement or lubrication, or any other, and based on their observation they give quotes. If you agree to the quoted price and give your go ahead, only then the technician will repair or replace garage door springs or provide any other service. We offer 20 different types of springs be it extension springs or torsion springs.

Garage Door Roller Replacement in Atlanta, GA

Garage door rollers are one of the most important parts responsible for smooth movement of garage door. Faulty rollers can be very noisy and if not maintained properly, can breakdown in the middle of operating a garage door. Rollers are also important for proper alignment of your garage door as unsynchronized rollers can a leave gap on either side of the door. Our technicians carry all the leading garage door roller brands on their service truck. They explain quality and features that come with each brand to help you make an educated choice at the time of replacement.

For garage door rollers replacement, know the weight of your garage door. Rollers will not work optimally if they cannot withstand the weight of the garage door. Lubrication of rollers at regular intervals is also important for smooth functioning and longevity of the rollers. Rollers are of two types, nylon and steel. Choose one based on your door specifications. Our technicians can also give tips on making the right choice of rollers to ensure smooth operation of your door.

Are your old rollers worn out or they make noise when door is moving? Chances are that you need new rollers. Old stainless steel rollers used to make lot of noise but now due to introduction of new ultra quiet nylon rollers noise is out of question.

Bent Tracks Repair or Replacement in Atlanta, GA

If hinges are loose then entire weight of garage door can come onto door tracks, which may cause them to bend. If your door was functioning properly and suddenly one day you observe bent tracks then it is certain that the door has some alignment issues. We at Atlanta Garage Door Repair Services do a complete 21 point safety inspection of your door and operator to identify issues that could cause a track to bend. Once we identify reason which caused track to bend in first place then we present with the quote of fixing the larger issue apart from quote of simply replacing the bent tracks all on site.

Also tracks that one buys from major retail outlets are mostly manufactured in third world countries and do not compare with ones manufactured in USA that we use. These tracks are one whole piece, manufactured from galvanized steel in USA. Since the garage door tracks, manufactured in other countries involve shipping in to USA, are broken down into two or three parts for easy shipping which you assemble on site and the joins where tracks connect to each other to form a complete track are weakest link on track. These joins tend to bend a lot. Whereas the tracks that we install are one single piece no matter how long a track would be and last long. Due to quality of manufacturing, we back all our tracks with lifetime warranty. So if you get bend garage door track replacement in Atlanta from us then you can be rest assured of them working smoothly for your entire life. To get bent tracks repaired or replaced in Atlanta schedule an appointment with us, our technician will arrive on property of concern, will inspect the areas of malfunctioning and present you with quote of entire job which will include bend track replacement parts and labor. We strive to get the garage door safe for you and your family no matter what it takes.

Garage Door Cable Repair and Replacement in Atlanta, GA

Atlanta Garage Door Repair Services can be called 24/7 for fixing any garage door cable repair and replacement related problems in Atlanta, GA and nearby cities. If cable is loose, or it came off or simply snapped, call us at (404) 800-3718 and we will send the team of technicians ASAP. You can book an appointment with our team of technicians for days ahead or call for instant emergency service if needed. Our technician will call you half an hour prior to arriving, learn all about the problem, and will be on their way carrying the necessary equipment on their service truck.

Broken cable can bring the entire door operation to a halt. Even more it can damage the door panels badly and leave the garage door open which in itself could be a security issue. That is why we at Atlanta Garage Door Repair Services are always open to answer your calls 24/7 and book an appointment for earliest technician visit.

Garage Door Drum Repair and Replacement, Atlanta, GA

Garage door drum repair and replacement in Atlanta, GA is just a call away with 24/7 emergency service from Atlanta Garage Door Repair Services. For smooth functioning of the door, its drum wheel, drum cable and drum spring should work in sync. Without proper maintenance, all these parts can undergo serious strain which can cause breakdown at the component level or the entire system.

Garage Door Opener Remotes, Atlanta, GA

We offer garage door opener remotes from all leading brands at discounted prices. Our technicians carry them on their service truck and recommend the ideal one for operating your garage door. Our technicians quote the prices of different opener remotes compatible with your garage door so that you can pick one that fits your budget. We also re-program new remotes to work in conjunction with your old motor. So if you have an old operator from any manufacturer like Genie, Liftmaster or Guardian, we can install a new universal remote compatible with the operator. We do not sell remotes over the counter, to get a new remote schedule an appointment with us. Our technician will pay a visit to your home, look at what current configuration you have and will re-program a new remote to work with your existing setup.

Our technicians carry all the parts needed to service drums from leading brands on their service truck. They inspect the root cause of the problem, suggest optimal ways to fix them, and present the quote for the solution. If you agree to the solution at the quoted price, only then they fix the problem. If you do not agree to the price or solution, we charge a nominal fee for inspection which is waived off most of the times.

To hire us, call at (404) 800-3718, book the next available appointment in your area, ask for discount coupons, and you are all set. Technician will give a heads up call half an hour prior to arriving for the scheduled visit.

Why Choose Us?

Of several door repair companies, Atlanta Garage Door Repair Services stands out as a name to trust upon due to our extensive knowledge, wide experience and high technical expertise.

  • 20+ years of experience in dealing with garage door related issues.
  • Several discount coupons for veterans, senior citizens and other bundled service discounts.
  • Competitive prices.
  • 24/7 customer service team which identifies your garage door problem quickly and sends technicians at the earliest.

All Types of Repairs

We are a one-stop-solution for all the garage door related needs of homeowners. Be it replacement of springs, hinges, cables and rollers or repair of damaged panels and installation of a new garage door, Atlanta Garage Door Repair Services ensures that it offers the most efficient and affordable services to customers.

24x7 Service

A problem in your garage door can come unannounced. We are here to deal with all the emergency repair and service needs of customers 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Prompt service when it is needed the most is what makes our customers loyal to us.

The Team

At Atlanta Garage Door Repair Services, we believe in taking extra efforts to employ only highly skilled and experienced technicians. Our licensed technicians have extensive experience in handling all sorts of garage door service and repair issues. From minor tune ups to full-scale installations, they do it all while adhering to the best industry practices and work ethics.

Big Inventory

Whatever be the type, size or brand of garage door or its parts you are looking for, you can bank on us to provide high quality service. We have stocked our inventory with garage doors, openers, springs and other parts from the leading brands in the market.

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At Atlanta Garage Door Repair Services, we value professionalism and customer service. If you are looking for a garage door repair company with high service standards and track record, and which is always prompt at work, Call Us at (404) 800-3718!