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Garage Door Repair Services

Garage Door Repair: Why is It Important?

Garage doors look so simple from outside, however, they contain several components and their structure is very complicated – especially the electronically operated ones. If you sometimes hear strange noise like squeaking, groaning and chunk-chunk-chunks that are coming out of the garage door; it means that there is a high possibility that your garage door needs maintenance or full repair. Most of us often adhere to the idea – 'if it is not broken, why spend money on maintenance'. Experts, however, observe that garage door repair and maintenance is crucial to keep it safe and ready for all weathers.

Importance of Garage Doors

They enhance the safety of your house, besides providing entrance and exit for your vehicles. They are quite sturdy and heavy and therefore, if they don't work properly (sudden fall or movement of the door) they might damage your vehicles and kids. According to several media reports, squeaking and groaning garage doors have killed approximately 60 children in the last 25 years and injured many others. So, it is important that you get it periodically inspected and thereby ensure that the safety devices are properly working in your garage doors. Experts also suggest some of the various types of garage doors that might serve different purposes of different users.

Types of Garage Doors

  • Roller garage doors include a drum on its top and when you open them, they get stored in the opening at the top along with the roller. They are very popular in private houses.
  • Side hinged garage doors include double doors and when you close them, they lock in the middle. These are traditional and simple type of doors that require more spaces so mostly popular in rural areas.
  • Sectional garage doors look like roller doors, however, they do not include rollers. This type of doors save space and give users more area to park and clean the car.

How to Maintain Old Garage Doors?

All automatic garage door openers manufacturers have mandatory instructions from the U.S. government to include non-contact safety reversing devices in the openers. These are also known as photoelectric eyes. If you have old garage doors and still rely on impact-reverse system, then you need to contact garage door service providers in neighborhood. Due to the US Government mandate, they may either provide you free replacement of impact-reverse system with photoelectric eyes or offer you an economical deal.

Features of Modern Garage Doors

  • They are insulated to keep garage warm in winter and cold in summer.
  • They are soundproof in case you play loud music in your house.
  • They are automatic and equipped with digital or electronic security features.
  • They have synthetics, metals and fiberglass as their building materials.

Modern garage doors are comparatively economical than the old ones due to the cost effective materials that companies now use in their manufacturing units. More importantly, they are more secure and require less maintenance on the part of the owners. Garage door repair experts claim that they can make these doors fire and pest-resistant that would be additional safety layer on your garage doors. Not only from the security aspect, but garage doors can also make or break the curb appeal of your house. You need to consider all the main characteristics of garage door when you decide to ignore or invest in it.