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Solutions to Common Garage Door Issues

Your home might be the place where you go at the end of the day to get relief from the day's hard work and your garage can be the biggest doorway to it. Obviously, you don't want any intruders inside your home. It is, however, a fact that rigorous usage of garage doors for activities such as parking car or storing general things can curtail their functioning, even if they are top-notch ones. Common garage door issues can be solved with a rudimentary knowledge, however, to have a hassle free and functioning garage door, it is always advisable to contact a professional garage door repair company.

Here are some of the common garage door issues and their solutions:

Garage Door Does Not Open or Close at All

We only invite friends and relatives to our house, however, if you have problems opening or closing your garage door completely, it will serve as an open invitation to threats such as burglars.


The issue can be due to the power supply—either if the motor or the circuit breaker attached with the door is not plugged in properly. Again, check if the battery of the remote need replacement and have a look at the switches and sensors as they might be out of alignment and as a result, not pointing at each other. For mechanical garage doors, inspect the roller wheel as it not be rolling properly.

Garage Door Opens Fines but Shudders While Closing

Most people face this common issue because they do not lubricate the chain of their garage door frequently.


Lubricating the metal rollers and hinges from time to time is important for the garage door to function smoothly. You also need to clean the tracks and see if they are aligned properly.

Garage Door Opens on its Own

If you see that the door opens on its own, it can be an issue of the extension springs.


It may be that the extension springs are too strong and therefore you might need to replace them with lighter ones.

The Garage Door Falls When Released

When you open the garage door, you just want it to remain open till you close it. There are, however, situations where they fall down just after you release them. Garage doors are quite heavy and immediate falling of the garage door after releasing can lead to serious injuries, especially in the case of steel and wooden ones.


This again, can be a problem of the extension springs. They might have worn out with time and need replacement.

Garage Door does not Close Completely

At times, your garage door may close but not completely and open again even after coming down. Obviously, there is no power issue, otherwise, it would not have even responded at the first place.


You need to check if spider web or some debris that are blocking the sensors at the bottom of the door. If it opens after reaching down a certain level, there could be something hitting the door.

Garage Door Produces a Loud Noise while Opening or Closing

Even if your garage door runs smoothly, no one likes to hear a grinding, screeching or squealing noise coming out of it. The outcome is often due to the accumulated dirt or debris that finds itself in the way of the track resulting in both an issue for the door and the one opening it.


You need to clean the entire track, including the wheels. To lubricate, you need to apply a good quality lubricant and run your door up and down a few times. It is advisable that you avoid using any harsh cleaners.


Following a few simple steps you can ensure your garage door's longevity. In case, you want a tension free garage door functioning, it is always wise to contact a standard garage door company or some professional.